Second Opinion

Your chosen orthodontic practice should feel inviting from your very first visit. Who you choose to provide your orthodontic care is a big decision; you should feel comfortable and informed. The staff should be open to your questions and willing to address any concerns you have about your treatment plan or progress. You should expect nothing less from an orthodontic practice. If you don’t feel comfortable after your initial visit, it may be in your best interest to consider seeking a second opinion.

There can be several benefits to comparing the quality of service and amenities offered by orthodontic offices. We welcome the opportunity for you to evaluate

  • Our state of the art office–you’ll know it when you see it!
  • The personalities of the doctors and staff–very important in relating to and motivating kids
  • Treatment options available–i.e. accelerated treatment options, Damon® bracket systems, etc.
  • Technology–breakthroughs in technology enhance patient comfort. Not all offices embrace technology.

In addition, look for an orthodontic office that understands your time is valuable. Ideally, an orthodontic practice should offer care with little to no time stuck in the waiting room. Your appointment time should be just that – YOUR time. Choose an orthodontist who will be respectful of your schedule, who won’t double book over you or rush you through your appointment in order to get to the next patient. In addition, look for treatment planning that is designed to reduce the total amount of time you’ll need to be under the doctor’s care. The orthodontist should be respectful of your time at every step of the way so that you can show the world your healthy, beautiful smile even sooner.

Many other areas could be covered, but your questions are best answered in person. Knowledge is power when selecting who does your orthodontic care. We take the necessary time to answer your questions. Websites and social media can be helpful, but often raise additional questions that can optimally be addressed with a complimentary visit to our office.

Glupker Orthodontics

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  • Zeeland Office - 25 N. State St., Zeeland, MI 49464 Phone: 616-772-0470

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