We Design Beautiful Smiles

What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose a Specialist?

You trust your heart to a cardiologist, your knees to an orthopedist and your skin to a dermatologist.  Why would you trust your straight, confident smile to anyone other than an Orthodontist?

Just like our counterparts in the medical profession, we're specialists who devoted several years beyond a general dental education strictly to the study of orthodontics.  Only after completing a formal multi-year residency at an accredited orthodontic program can one be called an Orthodontist.

In addition, the specialists at Glupker Orthodontics have completed hospitial residencies, gaining expertise in treating multi-disciplinary cases with complex medical histories. 


Our Team

Our friendly and well-trained team members provide a supportive environment, always putting our patients’ needs first. Our staff is uniquely trained and highly skilled, with specialized training and certifications, and years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care.

Our Technology

We strive to provide our patients the best care using the latest technology, such as 3D X-rays, digital impressions, soft-tissue laser, and treatment accelerators. Our modern, cutting-edge techniques ensure you are receiving the quality care you deserve.

Our Office

We have two beautiful offices, one in Holland and one in Zeeland. We are the first to provide semi-private exam spaces to help you feel comfortable while we’re working on your teeth. We offer evening hours as well, and flexible financing, to help you get a smile you love!